Sustainable fashion doesn't end with the producer. It is absolutely vital to learn new ways to care for your garments and accessories to ensure their longevity and their quality last a lifetime. 

To keep your jewels in the best condition, be gentle! I've listed some quick tips to keep your handmade jewelry (and all your other jewelry) intact and looking its best as long as possible!

  1. I always recommend storing your jewelry in a damp, dark place when you aren't wearing them. I can't even count how many times  I've stepped on earrings and bent the metal back, or my earrings were left in the sun and the UV light weakened the pigment of my earrings. That being said, keeping them out of reach and safely stored away is the best way to keep them looking brand new!
  2. Take off your jewelry before swimming and showering! Salt water (and all water in general) can increase how quickly metal oxidizes (or tarnishes) and oxidation leads to rust! I'll just put it lightly: I don't want rusty earrings going into my ear holes. Keep your earrings dry!
  3. Be gentle! Don't intentionally bend, fidget, or tug on your earrings! This may make your jump rings (those little metal circles) on your earrings or other jewelry come loose and without the proper tools, its hard to put them back together again. Just be gentle! Get a fidget spinner!

So, seems simple right? Maybe! Its really important to accept that mistakes happen and if they still end up breaking or coming apart, that's okay! Need some solutions? I've got you. 

  1. For tarnished metal, use a scrubby brush (like an old toothbrush) to clean off oxidation using either baking soda and water paste, ketchup (you've gotta trust me on this one) or vinegar and salt! Brush in circles very gently until your metal looks good as new!
  2. For bent earring backs, they'll usually bend back. Give it a try. If they break, mail them back to me! I offer full repairs so long as you cover shipping costs!
  3. Just email me! I'll see what I can do. If you're in Winnipeg, I'll ask you drop them off and pick them up, and anywhere else in Canada: if you pay for shipping, Ill do the rest! Email me at paisleysunstudio@gmail.com!

Thank you again for shopping sustainably, and doing your part to keep your garments and accessories looking fresh and new!